「 Kiss Me Myungsoo 」
KPOP male rappers: with hella deep voices (part 1)


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meanwhile in woollim....
  • WOOLLIM: let's build new building for our company.
  • WOOLLIM: let's finally debut our girl group.
  • WOOLLIM: let's prepared DVDs of Infinite
  • WOOLLIM: let's focus on Tasty's Chinese promotions
  • WOOLLIM: how about another comeback for the sub-units?
  • WOOLLIM: i want pizza
  • WOOLLIM: plz subscribe

Proudly posing with the fish when…

Proudly posing with the fish when…


L and his dimples can have me any day of the week.

Sunggyu’s attentive clapping.

Sunggyu’s attentive clapping.



seeing guys be really rude to girls and telling them to go back to the kitchen


Food happens in the kitchen. I want to be in the kitchen. I want food.

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate how excited our Gyu was at his own joke, which by the way, was a total mood shift from the serious Hoya HAHAHA

And how could we not notice how unimpressed our maknae was at leader’s joke? hahahahaha hi-la-ri-ous

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kim grandpa.

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